11-In-1 Multi Tool Credit Card

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This 11-in-1 multi tool credit card is a must have in everyone's wallet. In an event of a disaster or when you're camping, tools are something you cannot forget. In fact, many tools can be bulky, but this 11-in-1 multi tool credit card fits in any wallet and can save you from a unprecedented event.

The 11-in-1 multi tool credit card consist of the following:

  • Tin Opener: Easy To Open Any Cans.
  • A Sharp Cutting Edge: Can help you cut anything you want.
  • Angle Screwdriver
  • Ruler
  • Bottle Opener for beer and beverage bottle cap
  • 6 Positioning Wrench: four marketers models of six arris spanner, suitable for daily use bolt and The nut size
  • Wrench: long hollow groove and can twist The flat thick company's belt buckle, The items;
  • Saw: row staggered sawtooth, happens strength, improve efficiency, sawing wood, branches, except scale is also very good.
  • 10 Positioning Wrench: two company's models of six arris spanner, 6 types of smaller than The function;
  • Screwdriver on the corner with a circular hole, can be hung on a key ring card.



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