Small Emergency SOS Kit

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The need for an SOS kit is something you cannot ignore, especially if you live an area with high chances of an earthquake, hurricane, or a natural disaster. This small Emergency SOS kit should be placed in your car and in your bug out bag. This small Emergency SOS kit is filled with necessary tools to help you with your survival.

The small Emergency SOS kit consists of:

  • Multi-Function Pliers With LED Flashlight
  • Flintstone
  • Survival Whistle
  • Multi-Function Tool Card Which Consists Of:
    • Can Opener
    • Side knife
    • Straight screwdriver
    • Ruler
    • Bottle opener
    • Outside hexagonal wrench
    • Clyburn spanner
    • Saw
    • Direction identifier
    • Positioning spanner
    • Round hole
    • Compass
    • Fretsaw



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