Water Proof Survival Blanket

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  • MYLAR EMERGENCY BLANKET TECHNOLOGY:Manufactured from military-grade 12-micron aluminized polyethylene mylar (originally developed for NASA). This insulating mylar blanket provides compact emergency protection in different weather conditions and suitable for multiple usage. They are reusable, waterproof and windproof. This product can also be used for both ground cover and shade.  
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND CONVENIENT IN USE: Each emergency blanket is individually folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage and retrieval. The compact size makes it easy to stash in your hiking backpack, car, first aid kit, go-bag, camping gear, or emergency kit (to be ready for potential emergencies everywhere you go).
  • “A SMART AND PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER”: The emergency blanket can be ideally termed as a small air conditioner that will protect you in all weather conditions. Under the hot sun, the emergency blanket can be draped over ones body to protect from direct sunlight. In the snowstorm or cold weather, the emergency blanket also can reduce body heat loss to maintain 90% of body heat.
  • AN IDEAL OUTDOORS COMPANION: The emergency mylar thermal blanket is a MUST HAVE necessity for camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing, camping, traveling. These smart Emergency blankets can be set up as a simple shelter. It can also be used as a distress beacon owing to the strong distress signal projection of its PET reflective film.




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